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The Ultimate Digital Organizing System At Your Fingertips

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It’s a fact… due to the sheer volume of documents involved in the typical real estate transaction we often misplace or misfile those documents, and they are usually the important ones we need to find quickly, i.e., a set of closing documents for a client needing that information for their attorney or CPA. We get frustrated and wind up spending precious time trying to locate them, hoping all the time something hasn’t happened to them. Not the professional image we want to portray.

On the flip side… few activities can make you look more organized and professional than when you can react instantly to requests and provide exactly what was asked for in a matter of a moment or two. These are the actions that can transform a past client into a referral providing-raving-fan. Conversely, when you can’t do that, it can have the opposite effect. But now that never needs to be the case.

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Remembering everything… requires that you adopt a new mindset that will get you focusing on everything you do. It will take some time to develop the habit but there are some tools within Evernote that make that easy. And perhaps the number one tool is the fact that it’s mobile and can be fully synchronized with your Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop. At your desk or on the go you can quickly capture, notate, clip from the web, email direct to notes and respond to inquiries immediately and everything stays up-to-date on all devices.

Evernote can dramatically improve your efficiency and ability to put your finger on any document at anytime from anywhere. It’s all about making notes that are indexed and keyword-and-tag searchable that are stored in notebooks you create, which are accessible from any web-enabled device at anytime.

Begin With Notebook Stacks

Notebooks function exactly like manila folders do in the physical world and you can stack notebooks within notebooks. Here is a good example of using Evernote to set up four major notebook “Stacks” that become the backbone of your daily real estate business:

  • My Listings – Everything from the initial phone conversation with the seller to the closing documents and everything you need to be able to quickly respond to buyer inquiries.
  • My Buyers – Here you have the full capability to populate your buyer notebooks with everything as you would with paper files, like notes from the initial buyer consultation, PDF copies of home tours and showings, audio notes made while on tours, copies of CMAs, etc.
  • My Closed Sales – This is as great notebook from which you will have access to all documents relating to a closed transaction, everything that you will ultimately get a request for from your client. Being able to “immediately” respond to the request without having to go searching through your filing cabinet or laptop is a real professional touch as well as a “time saver.”
  • My Templates – This is where you can eliminate all those repetitive processes that take up your valuable time like: preparing for a listing appointment, doing a buyer consultation, obtaining a listing, managing contracts, etc.

With these four Stacks you’ll have a good digital backbone for all your real estate activities. And when you incorporate the use of “tags” and “key words” in your notes your ability to recall any document will be only limited by how fast you can click. And that makes one of the huge benefits of Evernote possible—Sharing.

Evernote also offers four unique ways for you to instantly share any Note with you clients via email, Twitter, Facebook or by a uniquely created URL on Evernote.com. You will find the most commonly used are email and URL, of which the most powerful is URL. Evernote creates a unique URL for you that creates a publicly viewable “mini-website” that displays the contents of the applicable note. Your clients will be amazed at how easy and quickly you give them everything they want. If you are familiar with Dropbox then you will quickly realize the Evernote is Dropbox on steroids.

We have just scratched the surface of Evernote here and what it can do for you; not only making your real estate business more efficient but in directly improving your bottom line. To learn all about how to integrate this powerful technology into your daily business just visit RETrends and get your copy of the 2013 Swanepoel TECHNOLOGY Report. It’s loaded with great tips for using the latest real estate technology to increase your sales.

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