Video Can Do A Lot More For Agents Than Show Homes

What’s Promoting You?

It’s no secret that video is becoming more powerful every day. According to ComScore Video Matrix, the Top 10 online video content providers (led by Google Sites) for had an audience of nearly 182 million people during the month of December 2012 and each of them spent an average of 19 hours viewing video. According to ComScore, that’s 85% of the people using the Internet! Did you know that the #2 search engine behind Google is YouTube? Now we even have the “Vine Video App” that provides a way to put a 6 second video into your Tweet from your Smartphone or tablet. Video is only going to grow as technology discovers new ways to incorporate it.

No doubt that some of that time was spent viewing real estate.

But How Much Of It Was Spent Viewing You?

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To date, video in real estate has been quite limited, at least in terms of the percentage of the people in the industry who actually use it. For the most part it’s consisted of “video home tours”—often marginally produced by agents or done by professionals—and little else. However, changes—in terms of consumer demand, affordability of equipment and increased ease of use of editing software, etc.—are ushering in a new era of video in real estate, and those changes are your opportunity. Let’s consider two areas where your focus will directly affect your market share:

Branding Videos: Provide Reasons Why Prospects Should Work With You.

Video about you, your team and/or your company can be among the most powerful, compelling and effective marketing you can do. Video done well in this area can produce significant ROI and brand awareness. Here are some ideas for branding videos you might create:

  • Explain your “USP” (unique selling proposition).
  • Personalize yourself by explaining who you are as a human being; your interests, your background, your hobbies, etc. Create a “video resume” that briefly describes your professional accomplishments and experience.
  • Create a “hybrid video” that includes a mixture of both your video resume and several client testimonials.
  • If you DIY your video home tours, “star” in them by doing something that shows your personality.
  • Create a video “header” or “trailer” (a few seconds at the beginning or ending of every video) that includes your logo, your image, some appropriate music, etc. and use it consistently.

Testimonial Videos: Let Prospects “Meet You Before They Meet You.”

NAR’s Digital House Hunt survey noted that large uses of video are to “compare features across multiple companies” (44 percent), “watch customer testimonials” (30 percent) and “decide which company to purchase from” (25 percent). All of these activities boil down the same basic point: home shoppers are using video to research potential agents or real estate companies.

Video allows the consumer to “meet you before they meet you” and helps them decide whether or not they feel comfortable with you. They ultimately want to work with someone they like, trust and respect, and the way you look, the words you choose, the pace and tone of your voice and the manner in which you dress all communicate volumes about you as a person and as a professional. And past customers talking about what it was like to work with you and/or your team or company carry a great deal of weight as third-party validations. If you’re going to spend money to have video done professionally, this is great place to do it.

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Don’t debate any longer whether or not you should produce video. Just decide how you’re going to do it. Investing in these two areas alone can generate huge dividends. Discover more about how video can grow your market share and increase your cash flow in the 2013 Swanepoel TECHNOLOGY Report, available at RETrends.

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