The Key Piece Of The Podcasting Puzzle

Podcasting at first glance seems like a big undertaking but it’s really not. As we have discussed in previous posts like Podcasting, How Do I Get Started and Podcasting-A Successful Templateit’s all about defining what you want to accomplish and then stepping through the process. Along the way there are a number key steps to take that will ensure your success and the one we want to show you here is a key piece.

Manage Your Content

Providing unique quality content for your podcast on a consistent basis is critical. The goal is to showcase  your unique insight and knowledge. Not only that, you must focus on providing value—REAL value. When you get to the point where your listeners view your content as “need to have”—as opposed to “nice to have”—you know you’re creating a great podcast with real value. Here are a few examples of content:

  • The most pressing issues facing your local real estate market.
  • How a particular piece of legislation may affect the local construction industry.
  • How a proposed new road or factory may affect nearby property values.
  • The potential impact of changes to property taxes or other real estate related issues being proposed by local government.
  • The impact of changes to local building codes.
  • Things that are working to get homes sold more quickly and at higher prices.
  • How to navigate the home loan process.
  • The steps involved in the home buying process.
  • The steps involved in the home selling process.

Convert Your Blog Into A Podcast

Business leaders and subject matter experts from your geographic area are excellent interview candidates, because they can offer insight and knowledge about issues close to home. For example, you might consider doing a podcast along the lines of the blog created by Dale Chumbley, the creator of Clark County Real Estate Guide. Chumbley became well known in the real estate industry a few years ago by showcasing his home community of Vancouver, Washington. More specifically, he set out to create a large body of content about his town, and accordingly created videos and blog posts about local people, places and things of interest. As a result, he significantly expanded his visibility and, in the process, became a national icon in the eyes of many by exemplifying how targeted content could be used to build a large local presence, and then how that local presence could be leveraged to build a bigger real estate business.

This same concept can be readily applied to podcasting. You can translate blog success like Chumbley’s into podcast success by having conversations that matter to people in your town, your neighborhood, your community, etc. When you get stuck, just take a step back and think about the topics and issues that are of interest to you and your clientele.
Given how complex and dynamic real estate is, there are always new issues arising that can be suitable podcast topics.

Content Is The Key Piece Of The Puzzle

If you clearly define your content then the next step, selecting and booking your guests will be much easier. A great blend of presenting your knowledge and expertise along with that of others that are well versed with the subject matter is what you want to achieve. Having those other fresh voices to support the content message you want to deliver will build a powerful following.There are many more tips and best practices concerning podcasting in the 2013 Swanepoel TECHNOLOGY Report that is now available at

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