REAL ESTATE TRENDS ALERT: Dominion is for Sale!!

Dominion Enterprises is owned by Landmark Communications Inc.  The family-owned company is nearing its sale of its most prized procession, the Weather Channel, and has now announced it is also selling Dominion Enterprises – the parent company for amongst other things:


  1. eNeighborhoods
  2. Harmon Homes
  4. Advanced Access
  5. Katabat

After spending the last two years cobbling together these real estate businesses the sale of Dominion could be a big windfall for someone or it could mean the unbundling of the individual businesses into separate companies.

Dominion never really integrated the different components of the businesses so collectively the company doesn’t have a higher combined value. Yet, they do make for an interesting combination of assets for the right player seeking to try and grab a big piece of key real estate.

So how could the potential buyers be? Well, let’s see.

Aggressive title company Fidelity National Financial may want to integrate many of the services into their Cyberhomes initiative, while high flying technology players Zillow or Trulia still searching for profitability may consider improving or diversifying their future public offering, alternatively Move, Inc. may seize the chance to regain the competitive lead by expanding their current offering, or real estate franchisor giant Realogy may decide to secure an competitive advantage for its franchisees, while the National Association of Realtors may decide to use this as an opportunity to make more real estate services as they have with forms software uniform and standard throughout the industry.

Then of course none of the above could happen. There could be a whole different scenario – what are your thoughts?

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