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World's Largest Real Estate Listings Domain Portfolio

According to Google Adwords there were 1.2 Billion real estate related searches in 2008. No-one doubts the growing power of the Internet and the increasing number of consumers searching for properties online. So now, more than 2,600 geo-targeted domains names, the self-proclaimed largest real estate listing domain portfolio in the world, is for sale. Collected over a...
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UPDATE: Stock Market Uncertainty Impacts Real Estate IPO

Co-founders and brothers Joseph and Avi Fox, have withdrawn their planned IPO of discount real estate and mortgage services company, Iggys House (NASDAQ: IGGY). Plans were to sell 3 million shares at $5 to $6 a share generating net proceeds of about $14.2 million to further develop their brand. 

Iggys House is detailed with various other new real estate business models in the 2008 Swanepoel Trends Report offers buyers 75% of the commission it receives from the home seller through its BuySide Realty subsidiary and free entry into a multiple listing service for home sellers through its Iggys House brand.

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