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NAR UPDATE: NAR Kicks it into High Gear

In an effort to raise $60 – $100 million in the next 3-5 years for the creation of a technology corporation and credit union NAR has just approved a raise of $16 in annual dues. There will also be various other special assessments for advertising and public relations including one to build a “superfund,” of between $25 -$100 million as a war chest to go against Capital Hill.

This is one aggressive non-profit association that has set it sights and prepared to pull the trigger.

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REAL ESTATE TREND: How Do We Get To A National MLS?

Many think that the notion of a national MLS is a good one. According to Jim Sherry, technically there is no reason a national MLS would not work. He says it’s more about getting the egos out of the way first.

So while the industry grapples with its parochial issues – both practical and legal – existing MLS systems will have to re-engineer themselves into standardized mega regional systems or a national system.“? Whichever direction is taken they will have to be relevant and meaningful for brokers, agents and consumers alike, or face the consequences of competition and possible obsolescence.

Here are some options:

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